I shall let them smell a poopy

Steenkolenengels of correct Engels?

1. That's another cook

2. Love is blind

3. All roads leads to Rome

4. It's raining cats and dogs

5. I have it cold

6. All hands on deck

7. Spring is in the air

8. I fok horses

9. I tried to lead you around the garden

10. Don't let the cheese eat off your bread

11. The ship walked fast

12. Make that the cat wise

13. I shall let them smell a poopy

14. It rains steel pipes

15. Silence is golden

16. The wish is father to the thought

17. Still waters run deep

18. It is no use crying over spilt milk

19. Well begun is half done

20. Crime doesn't pay

21. I don't trust you for a meter

22. There's not a ball on the tv

23. Walls have ears

24. Easier said than done

25. I'm keeping you in the holes

26. Experience is the best teacher

27. Revenge is sweet

28. I felt with the door in the house

29. Little pitches have big ears

30. There's nothing on the hand

31. Did you see that windmilletje

32. I always get my sin

33. You are on glad ice

34. There comes the monkey out of the sleeve

35. You are not good snick

36. If the shoes fit, wear it

37. Now breaks my wooden shoe

38. I hate you wellcome in this town

39. I smell an hour in the wind

40. No news, good news

41. Better late than never

42. All's well that ends well

43. He laughs best who laughs last

44. Het Engelse parlementslid Nancy Astor zei ooit ‘Als ik je vrouw was Winston, zou ik gif in je koffie doen’. Wat antwoordde Churchill: